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You are invited to a protest. A protest that will be held on January 14, 1998, Wednesday, 5:30 PM, Long Beach City Hall, Broadway & Pacific Ave, Long Beach, California. This protest is against the Communist Chinese Navy take over of the former US Long Beach Naval Base. The United States Navy will be holding a public meeting that night to discuss the preliminary EIR.

A final US Naval Environmental Impact Report will be issued in April 1998. The protest is sponsored by local chapters of "United We Stand America" and the "Stand Up America" committee, a volunteer coalition of citizen reform groups. The coalition's phone number is 714- 222-4990.

For those of you who were not informed, the Hunter-Cunningham House Appropriations Amendment to stop the Communist Chinese Navy take over of the Long Beach Base was killed in the House-Senate Appropriations Reconciliation Conference by Senators Inhofe (OK, Rep) and Warner (Va, Dem). Their questionable reason for this questionable act is that "the Hunter- Cunningham amendment would stop all other countries from leasing former US military bases in the US".

I am going to travel 400 miles and attend this protest. All of you who still love your country are invited to do the same, regardless of the distance. Here are my reasons.

1. It is absolutely critical for our national security: Cosco, the leasing company, is the martime arm of the Chinese Communist Navy. The China Ocean Shipping Company is wholly owned by the Communist China government, run by its Navy and is at the will of their Ministry of State Security (Chinese CIA). Its officers and crew are members of the Chinese Communist Navy. Included in its fleet of 600 merchant ships is the Communist Chinese Elint (Electronic Intelligence gathering) Trawler "Fishing" Fleet. The former US Naval Base at Long Beach sits in the center of the Southern California US Military and Research Complex. It is only minutes to a few hours away from our bases, factories and top secret research facilities.

2. The basic economics do not make sense. The City of Long Beach is floating $200 million dollars in Municipal Bonds to modernize the port and its freeway and highway accesses Cosco will be leasing the port for $14 million dollars a year for 10 years. That leaves a net loss to Long Beach taxpayers of $60 million, not counting the millions of dollars to be paid in yearly interest.

3. The argument for job creation is ridiculous. The Mayor of Long Beach claims that it will create 300 to 600 jobs. The several hundred acres involved should provide space to create jobs for several thousand American citizens and not just the citizens of Communist China who will be brought in to run the port and live on the fenced base.

4. It will increase social disorder: The Long Beach Base under Cosco will become a major site for Chinese Communist illegal shipments of automatic weapons from arms companies owned by the Peoples Liberation Army such as Norinco and Poly Technologies. These companies and Cosco have already been involved in two multimillion dollar automatic arms shipments (destined for street gangs) that have been sized by US Customs. The Los Angeles February 1997 gun battle ~ bank robbery (the robbers equipped with Chinese made AK47s) where there were several people killed and wounded, illustrates what does, can and will happen when the Long Beach is totally under control of the Communist Chinese Navy. The US Customs has publically stated that only one in 80 shipping containers is inspected.

5. There will be drug shipments. Cosco has publically stated it plans to run a "barge shuttle" from Mexican ports to Long Beach when it takes over the Long Beach Port. Journalists have previously reported the involvement of Communist China in the Opium trade. China has abused its Most Favored Nation trade status since 1984. There will be almost no customs inspections, and no restraints to the import of whatever the Chinese Communist choose to import..

6. It supports the Chinese Communist Slave Labor- Death Camps. Harry Wu estimates that 50 million men, women and children who preferred freedom to totalitarian government and the worship of god as a catholic or protestant have died in the Communist Chinese Laogai. These death camps are an abomination. The Holochaust did not end with Hitler. Men, women and children, right now are dying in the Laogai. There are an estimated 8 to 12 million human beings in these slave camps and their products are sold to the American consumer by American and Chinese companies. Those toys you bought for your kids this Xmas. How many were made in China? How many were made by the living dead in the Laogai?

7. It supports totalitarian government. Of all the totalitarian governments that have infected and afflicted the human race, the Communist Chinese Regime is the most hideous. It is not just their repression of basic human rights, their denial of free speech and free association, and their persecution of Christians and Moslems that betray them for what they are. It is their current practice of forced abortions, the slaughtering of excess girl babies and the selling of body organs torn from the bodies of living human beings that show their true contempt for human beings. These ongoing atrocities have been documented time and time again. No decent human being can abide these obscenities.

8. It fills the pockets of profiteers: Under the guise of trade with Communist China and the profits made by that trade, the profiteers are supporting this political abomination. They are enemies of the human spirit and everything that is best in the human race. If you are one of the profiteers, possibly with offices in Hong Kong and financing their government and their companies or the modernizing of their Army and Navy, you are renouncing your American birthright of freedom for greed. I am addressing this to all global investment bankers working with Communist China in general and to one in particular. Your activities are destroying the American middle class. Your activities are destroying America!

9. It accomplishes the goals of corrupt politicians: There is a clear public record of Clinton's involvement with the Chinese Communist Government since the 1980's. This ranges from the loans of millions for Clinton's political campaigns in Arkansas by the Worthen Bank, owned by the Riady's (partners with Communist China in several endeavors (billions) and at least one major bank in Hong Kong) to the millions in campaign contributions given to Clinton by the Communist Chinese Government by Charlie Trie, John Huang, and Johnny Chung. What is not known so well is the ongoing multimillion dollar campaign waged by Communist China and its business supporters to elect politicians friendly to Communist China. Take for example, Senator Feinstein, whose husband David Blum has billions in Chinese Communist Investments. One of their companies "Newbridge Investments" has as it's Managing Director a fellow named Peter Kwok who also sits on the Board of Cosco. I say shame Feinstein and Blum. Are money and political power the reasons why you are in bed with the Chinese Communist version of the Holochaust? Do you feel honored to sleep in Mao's bed? (Feinstein and her husband are amongst the very few, who have spent the night in Mao's home in Beijing.)

I am not going to Long Beach just because of these facts. There are so many more. And, there are a lot of reasons I could make for not going; lack of money, work, family, tickets to the ball game etc. I am an old man, in poor health, but in my heart, I can think of no better way to spend the rest of my life than by standing up for my country. I am standing up for all that is right and good and true in America. (As for what is wrong in America, I am standing up, that we might have the chance to make it better.) I am standing up against the greed of the global corporations and the global bankers. I am standing up against the corrupt politicians. Few will miss me when I am gone, but the whole world will miss the greatness that was America. I will be standing up for America at Long Beach, so that there still might be an America. Will you too, stand up that our country might live? Meet me at Long Beach and we will stand together. God Bless.

Gene Crocker