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The Voice of a Reformer, by Gene Crocker, Ph.D.
"The removal of kidneys and corneas from executed prisoners, who are
sometimes still alive is
unconscionable."  Harry Wu in conversation with Simon Wiesenthal, reported
in The Laogai Report.
Sept. 1996.
It is to my shame as a human being that the Holocaust is continuing.  Let
me expand that statement. It is
to our shame that the abomination of the Holocaust continues.  The Peoples
Republic of China call their
Holocaust  ~  Laogai (Reform through Work).  I've seen or heard estimates
of 6 to 10 million men,
women and children, currently in over 1100 of  these death/work/mind
control camps.   Dr. Wu estimates
that over 50 million people have been imprisoned in the Laogai since 1949.
The PRC in 1984 offically
admitted to 20 million.  Of the 50 million, Harry Wu estimates that half
have died or will die in the
camps.  The  story of the Laogai is the story of Dr. Harry Wu, the man that
President Clinton would not
see and did not invite to stay in the Lincoln bedroom.
In 1960, after Communist Russia invaded and conquered Hungary, a young
chinese student was sent to
the Laogai camps.  Wu's crime?  He thought Russia was wrong and said so.
For the next 19 years, he
made chemicals, mined coal, built roads, cleared land, and farmed for 10 to
12 hours a day, seven days
a week.  He saw his fellow prisoners die from executions, beatings,
disease, starvation, suicide and
medical experimentation.  Harry Wu survived beatings, torture and
starvation in 12 different camps and
was finally released in 1979.  
In 1985, he was invited to do research  as a visiting scholar at the
University of California, Berkeley. 
After experiencing freedom, he became determined to tell the world about
the most extensive forced labor,
manufacturing, thought control and death camp system human beings  have
ever suffered - the Laogai. 
This he did. And as he  informed the people of  the world about the
work/death camps, his reputation for
accuracy, honesty and integrity grew.  He has received honors and awards
(including 2 honorary  Ph.D.s)
from institutions all over the world.  When he was arrested in 1995, after
legally entering Communist
China, an international storm arose that forced the communists to release him.
In 1997, when Dr. Wu fought against MFN trade status for Communist China,
he affirmed his reputation
for straight talk.  On one talk show, he said "Why do you believe these
people (the chinese communist
leaders)?  They are liars.  They will tell you any thing to get what they
In 1991, Harry Wu became a citizen of the United States.  Today, he
continues his work for human rights
at the Laogai Research Foundation in Washington D.C..  The  Foundation has
a traveling exhibit of
Laogai photographs  that has toured the capitals of the world.  Many of the
pictures were taken by Dr. Wu
with crude, hand-built cameras and smuggled out of the concentration camps.
 I urge you to see it.  It is
an indictment of what is happening today in the Laogai of Communist China. 
Dr. Harry Wu, if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, you  would have been
invited to spend the night.. 
After the slime and corruption in the Lincoln Bedroom has been cleaned out,
so that decent people can
sleep, we will see what the American people can do about an invitation.